A Glazier for All Types of Glass

Studies have shown that sunlight and green spaces are entirely essential for the mental well-being of humans. Humanity holds an innate need for a connection to nature and the outside natural world despite our seeming adaptation to a world of high technology. It is a back-to-basics sort of scenario in that regard. While it is not possible to be out of doors all of the time, there are materials that humankind can use when building shelters that can aid in meeting the need for a closeness to nature. Glass is one of those materials. Glass is not quite insulating but its transparency allows humans to be both inside and outside at the same time. It allows for protection while giving the illusion of exposure.

The History of Glass

Historians believe that glass was first created by humans (it can also be created in nature) between the years of 1500 BCE and 1 CE. Glass is made from sand. This sand is heated up to an extremely high heat until it liquidises. The element silica is what makes glass, well, glassy. The process of heating and then quickly cooling it gives glass its clarity and sheen. Glass has been ever popular since humans began to be able to create it on demand.


Windows go far beyond simply being a couple of panes of glass placed side by side. While that is how they were first made, double-paned windows are currently becoming the new standard in home building and renovation. Double-paned windows create an insulation effect that helps to deflect cooler temperatures on one side and reflect warmer temperatures on the other. This makes it helpful in both winter and summer months as the dual panes aid in keeping the interior ambient temperature of a home stable. Due to these special features, double-paned windows require a strong seal to ensure insulation. This is best done by a professional as he or she will know what to look for when installing the windows to make certain that the job is done correctly.


Glass doors are beautiful. Floor-to-ceiling clarity gives a view to the outside that immediately calms the soul. These doors require extra care when cleaning but are worth the views that they can provide. Similar to the windows, double-paned has become the standard due to its insulation abilities. Trust a professional to install or replace a glass door as this is necessary to mitigate any mistakes and leakage.

Safety Glass

Safety glass is an extra-thick glass that tends to be used for doors or windows of shopfronts and other high-risk buildings. This glass has been tempered and tends to be at least ten times stronger than the standard glass on the market. The tempering process also causes the glass to break into smaller, less harmful pieces when shattered.

Glass Repair

When it comes to the repair and replacement of glass, always trust a glazier. There is a glazier in Perth that specialises in the repair of all types of glass, including safety glass, so that any cracks do not become a bigger problem in the future.